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    In modern households, individuals have a variety of internet-connected devices at their disposal, including but not limited to phones, tablets, computers, TVs, game consoles and cameras. Many households now have an average of six internet-connected devices per family member, increasing the number of devices per family. Even with wireless technology, having numerous connected devices and lacking data cabling can impede internet speed.

    At Ubitec Electrical, we understand that each client’s Data Cabling needs are unique. Therefore, we provide a bespoke service that caters to individual requirements. Our solutions are designed to be adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into a range of domestic properties.

    What is Data Cabling?

    Frequently found in spaces using multiple devices, Data Cabling is a process that looks to connect various device types within a single IT network. Generally, this can be carried out through two types of cables – copper and fibre. In order to keep the cables organised and to not encroach on floor space, we always look to feed cables back to a single cabinet. When it comes to connecting devices in a limited space, copper cables are a suitable choice as they have a limited range compared to fibre cables. However, fibre cables are the better option if you want to cover longer distances or connect cabling cabinets across floors or ceilings, especially for larger homes.

    Domestic Data Cabling Installations

    Data Cabling solutions are commonly found in homes where numerous devices are in close proximity. By connecting all the devices within a single IT network, the efficiency of each device improves significantly. As a result, you can expect faster loading times and internet speeds after installing a Data Cabling solution. At Ubitec, we prioritise our clients’ needs when designing cabling services, ensuring that each solution is tailored to provide maximum value.

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    Domestic Data Cabling Services You Can Trust

    Data cabling has become integral to our daily lives, especially in our homes. Every time we power up a device, we rely on data cabling to connect to the internet and function properly. With our team of experts at Ubitec, we are able to offer prime Data Cabling solutions that seamlessly meet your requirements with an installation process that is quick, affordable, and completely hassle-free. We’re always more than happy to provide advice and guidance over how our data cabling services can be installed within your property.

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