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The Dangers of Not Conducting a Proper Emergency Lighting Test

A light bulb hanging from the ceiling.
The Dangers of Not Conducting a Proper Emergency Lighting Test
In any kind of building, emergency lighting is an essential feature that must be in place to ensure safety during times of emergency. Without proper emergency lighting, people in an emergency situation may not be able to find their way...
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A woman holding a light.
How To Choose a Reliable Electrical Testing Company
When it comes to electrical testing, no compromises can be made. It is, therefore, essential to choose a reliable electrical testing company to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of your electrical system. However, with so many companies offering electrical...
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A person fitting an electrical system
What to Look Out For in an Electrical Safety Test
Electricity is an essential part of our lives, powering almost everything in our homes and workplaces. However, electrical installations can be dangerous if not correctly maintained or installed. According to statistics, every year in the UK, approximately 20,000 house fires...
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A image of DIY wiring from a homeowner.
Dangers of DIY Electrical Work – A Guide for Homeowners
Many homeowners take it upon themselves to try various home improvement projects. Some tasks can be completed safely with the right knowledge and care, others are better for the professionals. When it comes to electrical work, performing DIY repairs and...
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10 Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety at Home
It's easy to take electricity for granted. We use it every day without thinking about the potential dangers. However, if not used safely, electricity can be very dangerous. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 tips to ensure electrical...
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Electrical Tips for Homeowners: How to Save Money?
There are a lot of things homeowners can do to save money on their electricity bills. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best tips for doing just that! Follow these simple tips and you will be...
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