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We provide expert installation services for electric vehicle charging stations at commercial properties across the United Kingdom.
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    As the popularity of electric and hybrid cars continues to increase, so does the demand for EV charging stations. Ubitec Electrical provides top-of-the-line installation services for commercial EV charging stations, regardless of the property size. Our team of expert electricians are available to install multiple charging stations in or around car parks and buildings.

    Electric and Hybrid Cars

    With technology and manufacturing advancements, electric and hybrid cars are becoming increasingly accessible and road-ready. Electric cars offer significant environmental benefits, primarily because they are eco-friendly. These vehicles run on electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries, meaning they produce no emissions that contribute to air pollution. In contrast, burning fossil fuels, which are used to propel gasoline-powered vehicles, is a major contributor to poor air quality, global warming, and climate change. By choosing electric cars, individuals reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards building a cleaner and greener future for generations to come. If you’re looking for Business EV Charging solutions, contact Ubitec Electrical at 0121 454 9007 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

    An outside commercial EV charger.

    Benefits of Commercial EV Charging Stations

    Businesses and high-end car parks are adopting commercial EV charging stations as the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions. The rise in popularity of EVs is due to their eco-friendly nature and superior efficiency. By installing EV charging stations, businesses not only promote green initiatives but also attract a growing customer base that drives electric vehicles. This can help attract a growing demographic of eco-conscious customers and potentially improve customer loyalty. It provides an additional source of revenue as businesses can charge a fee for the use of these stations.

    Commercial EV Charging Stations – The Locations

    In the past, commercial EV Charging Stations were restricted to areas with high-powered electrical outlets. However, with the advent of more affordable and efficient charging stations, they are now available in a variety of locations, including shopping centres, supermarkets, new build sites, offices, and even individual homes. At Ubitec Electrical, we provide installation services for EV Charging Stations at commercial properties. Contact us today to learn how we can install one or multiple on your premises.

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    Commercial EV Charging Services You Can Trust

    Over two decades, we have built up a resume of satisfied customers by meeting their requirements and completing a range of services for them quickly and reliably. Our electricians provide various services such as commercial electrical installationsfire alarmscommercial electrical testing, CCTV services, and Emergency Lighting, as well as other domestic and commercial electrical services.

    For business EV Charging Stations, contact our friendly electricians at 0121 454 9007 or fill out the form at the top of the page.