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    What is Emergency Lighting?

    Emergency lighting is a crucial aspect of building safety and evacuation protocol. It’s a system of lights that automatically switch on when a building experiences a power outage. These lights are typically powered by a backup battery and are designed to illuminate escape routes, exits, and potentially hazardous areas to ensure occupants can safely evacuate the premises. Emergency lighting is required in commercial buildings and must comply with various safety standards and regulations.

    Emergency Lighting Specialists

    Emergency lighting is critical for any business or public premises as it provides safety and security in the event of a power outage. At Ubitec, our experts understand the significance of emergency lighting and its role in preventing potential harm to people in the building. We can provide recommendations, designs, installations, and maintenance services for emergency lighting within your commercial building. Contact our specialists for more information about fire exit signs, bulkheads, luminaires, emergency exit signs and more.

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    How Often Should Emergency Lighting Be Tested

    Emergency exit signs and luminaire systems should be tested regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly and will operate in case of an emergency. The frequency of testing can depend on local regulations, but generally, it is recommended every year. This test checks the battery life and light output over time. Any issues identified during these tests should be fixed promptly to maintain the system’s effectiveness.

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    Benefits of Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting is an essential safety feature in many environments, providing a lit pathway during power outages or emergencies. Its primary benefit is ensuring individuals can safely evacuate a building, reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities. Besides guiding people to exits, emergency lighting also illuminates safety equipment like fire extinguishers, making them easier to locate. In commercial settings, it can prevent business disruption by allowing some level of operational continuity. Additionally, installing emergency lighting is a compliance requirement under several health and safety regulations.

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