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We can provide and install commercial fire alarms throughout your business to ensure all occupants are alerted in the event of a fire.
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    A fire alarm system installation is a significant procedure that must be applied to all businesses and public places to ensure safety for you, your staff, and your belongings. Fire alarms are mandatory for all commercial properties by law. This requirement is not just a mere guideline but a strict legal obligation under the UK’s Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. These laws stipulate that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, must have an effective fire detection system to protect their employees, customers, and property. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Therefore, business owners must ensure that their premises are equipped with functioning fire alarms and that these systems are regularly inspected and maintained.

    Commercial Fire Alarm Specialists

    It’s easy to forget about fire alarm system installations and safety measures until an incident occurs. However, Ubitec is here to remind you of the importance of having a commercial fire alarm system in place and help you identify the best installations for your needs.

    Our Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation service uses the latest technology, such as fire alarm beacon sounders, alarm system call points, and alarm system detectors, to alert occupants within the property in the event of a fire. Once our engineers visit your property, they will install and thoroughly test the system to ensure it works correctly.

    At Ubitec, we take pride in offering only top-quality equipment for installation. Our team of Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation experts takes the safety of others very seriously. They are always ready to answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations on the best fire alarm installation for you.

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    The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

    Commercial fire alarm systems are essential for businesses, protecting both the physical premises and the people inside. One benefit of these systems is that they provide an early warning of a potential fire, enabling everyone in the building to evacuate safely and promptly. This can significantly reduce the risk of injuries or fatalities. Secondly, they can help protect valuable assets such as equipment, inventory, and important documents from fire damage, minimising financial losses. Moreover, many commercial fire alarm systems are connected to local fire departments or a monitoring service, ensuring rapid response in case of an emergency. Lastly, having a commercial fire alarm system may lower insurance premiums, as it demonstrates the business owner’s commitment to safety and risk management.

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    Contact our professionals today if you’re looking for a fire alarm system installation for your business or premises. At Ubitec, we only offer high-quality equipment to ensure the safety of others. Our team of experts can inspect your premises, install, and thoroughly test the commercial fire alarm systems to ensure proper functioning.

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