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As a NICEIC-approved company, Ubitec can service and upkeep your electrical systems, ensuring they consistently remain in excellent condition.
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    Commercial Electrical Maintenance and Lighting Services

    Electrical maintenance in the commercial sector is paramount for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of business operations. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent unexpected power outages, which can lead to significant losses in productivity and revenue. It also plays a crucial role in safeguarding employees and customers from potential hazards associated with electrical failures, such as fires or electric shocks. Beyond safety, well-maintained electrical systems are more energy-efficient, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and thereby lowering utility costs.

    If you’re looking for reliable electricians who can offer excellent maintenance and lighting services for your business, look no further than Ubitec. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers can provide various solutions to ensure that your electrical systems are running safely. From routine maintenance to installing energy-efficient lighting systems, we have the expertise and knowledge to meet all your electrical needs. Contact us here for more information about our commercial maintenance or lighting services.

    How we can Ensure your Electrical Systems are always in Excellent Condition

    We understand the importance of uninterrupted operations in businesses, that’s why Ubitec focuses on both preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical systems. The process begins with a thorough inspection of the electrical infrastructure, including lighting, power supplies, and machinery connections, to identify any potential issues. Our commercial electrical maintenance team then test each component for safety and functionality, ensuring that all systems meet the highest standards of performance and compliance with relevant regulations.

    When necessary, repairs are carried out with minimal disruption to your business’s operations, employing high-quality materials and techniques to guarantee lasting results. Additionally, we offer regular commercial electrical maintenance schedules to monitor the electrical systems continuously, preventing future breakdowns and ensuring they remain in top condition.

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    Commercial LED Lighting

    At Ubitec, we can design, install, and test commercial LED lighting systems. Our approach begins with the design process, where we carefully assess the space’s specific lighting needs, considering factors such as the area’s dimensions, the nature of activities conducted within, and the optimal lighting levels required for both functionality and energy efficiency.

    Following the design phase, Ubitec electricians employ testing methods to ensure each component of the commercial lighting system operates at peak performance, adhering to NICEIC Compliancy standards. This rigorous testing protocol guarantees safety, reliability, and compliance with all relevant electrical regulations. The installation process is executed with precision, integrating the latest in lighting technology, from energy-saving LED fixtures to sophisticated emergency lighting solutions.

    Contact Us for Commercial LED Lighting and Maintenance Services

    Ubitec stands out as a distinguished provider of electrical services, boasting over three decades of expertise in the field. This rich history has solidified our status as a dependable and proficient entity, known for efficiently resolving a wide array of electrical challenges. Holding accreditation from NICEIC, we pride our team of highly skilled engineers who leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to offer superior quality services to our clientele.

    We strongly emphasise safety standards and comply with all health and safety regulations and local codes. Our engineers are trained to follow strict safety measures, ensuring the security of our client’s properties and commercial lighting systems. By adopting a forward-thinking approach, we proactively identify and mitigate potential risks before they escalate into significant problems.

    For inquiries about our commercial maintenance and lighting solutions, please reach out to us by calling 0121 454 9007 or by completing the form at the top of the page.

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