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The Dangers of Not Conducting a Proper Emergency Lighting Test

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In any kind of building, emergency lighting is an essential feature that must be in place to ensure safety during times of emergency. Without proper emergency lighting, people in an emergency situation may not be able to find their way to safety, adding to the danger and chaos of any situation. However, some businesses do not recognize how vital it is to conduct a proper emergency lighting test on a regular basis. In this blog post, we will discuss why conducting a proper emergency lighting test is a must, and the dangers of not conducting one.

Decreases The Effectiveness Of Emergency Lighting

If you don’t conduct a proper emergency lighting test, it can be challenging to detect any defects or problems with the lighting system. Faulty wiring, broken bulbs, and damaged battery backups can go unnoticed unless checked and fixed. If any of these defects are not identified and rectified, the functioning of the entire emergency lighting system will be compromised.

Increase The Risk Of Accidents And Injuries

Neglecting the responsibility to regularly check your emergency lighting system can lead to several hazards that can pose a security threat to your employees, visitors, or customers. As mentioned before, if emergency lighting doesn’t work during a power outage or emergency, people may not be able to find their way out, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. In addition, non-functional lighting may lead to falls, trips, or panic, all of which impede emergency evacuation.

Impose Liability Problems

As per the fire safety regulations and building codes, it is essential to conduct regular emergency lighting tests. If someone sustains an injury or casualty in your premises because of inadequate emergency lighting, your business can be held liable for that. The lack of readiness can result in hefty fines, damages, and expensive lawsuits.

Endangers Reputation

A business’s reputation is everything, and negligence towards safety measures can affect it severely. If your business fails to provide reliable and working emergency lighting, it reflects on your brand negatively. Customers, prospects, and employees won’t feel comfortable visiting or working for a business where safety standards are neglected.

Increases Insurance Premiums

Insurers prefer to work with companies that take safety seriously and are always up to date with fire safety regulations. Companies that neglect their emergency lighting systems, however, can expect an insurer to request a higher premium. An increase in premiums happens because not conducting proper emergency lighting tests increases the risk of fire, accidents, and injuries, and, therefore, the claims cost to insurers.

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